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International Education

A diverse range of study options are available to international students from educational institutions which are strictly regulated by government to ensure quality education and protection, and a rewarding study experience.


International education systems focus on teaching students to solve problems, absorb, analyse and apply information, and to work with others to create and innovate.


With world-class facilities and resources, strong links with industry which provide research and valuable practical work experience, and the support of debate, free thought and flexibility within, international education produces graduates who are confident, connected and actually involved, lifelong learners.


You can take your international education wherever you go and make your Remarkable Future anywhere in the world.

Why Study Abroad?


Studying abroad will help with your personal growth and allow you to experience living internationally. Instead of getting just a glimpse of a foreign culture, you become a part of your surrounding environment. As you contribute your own cultural background and ideas, you will learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures beyond your own. Not only will you enrich your mind and capabilities in the academe, you become a globally aware citizen as well.

Invest in your future. Make opportunities knock on your door.

Study in Australia


Of a total of 43 universities, 23 Australian universities feature in the top 500 of the 2017 QS World University Rankings in the world and 10 in the top 801.

Study in New Zealand


Recognized as the 4th most peaceful nation on earth according to the Global Peace Index, New Zealand, with its 8 universities, evokes admiration as it features in the QS World University Rankings in the global top 450!

Universities offer programs that allow you to undertake up to a year of study in an international institution as part of your current degree, while having the option to add Internship placement or Community Engagement for credit.