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Study Tours

CARELINK ASIA organizes international study tours designed and customized to be cultural- and academic-focused programs to enrich and internationalise school curricula, promote cultural sensitivity towards developing global leadership and cultivate a global citizenship paradigm among students.

With the academic excellence, extensive resources, state-of-the-art facilities, unique and innovative programs, stringent safety and security policies and processes of our partner institutions, CARELINK ASIA designs academically and culturally rich study tour experiences abroad which prepare students with knowledge, skills and confidence, which create international relationships that lay the foundation of their effective participation and future success in the global community.

Offered to students of all ages to provide opportunities for intellectual activity and personal growth, Study Tours enable the exploration of indoor and outdoor classrooms, of new and exciting programs where nature is very much a part of making the overseas study experience truly worthwhile.

Tapping the creative, international friendships, a new and greater self-confidence, and wonderful memories are the hallmark of CARELINK ASIA Study Tours.