Carelink Asia organizes Professional Visits which are short-tem study and training programs for adult professionals which facilitate a transfer of expertise and provides access to a network of contacts.

Participants may be government officials and staff, education leaders, professionals, principals, school deans, principals and faculty and executives or managerial staff.

Available to private or public sectors and delivered on a fee for service basis through partner institutions, the program can cover a wide range of topics and can be customised to meet requirements.

Professional Visit programs may combine study, occupational training and tourism.


International Capability

A strategic partner institution is Education Queensland International (the trade name of Queensland’s Department of Education and Training) with its extensive, over 20-years experience in the design and delivery of customised high quality professional development programs, Education Queensland International (the trade name of Queensland's Department of Education, Training and Employment, which Carelink Asia represents in the Philippines, has established a solid international reputation for delivering training solutions to a variety of international clients which include government agencies, education and training institutions, large corporations, international development agencies, industry peak bodies and business groups.

Personalised professional development training for overseas governments and education officials in Asia, Curriculum Development and Leadership Training, Capacity Building Programs, Licensing of Curriculum to international education institutes off-shore, Professional Development Training in vocational education and training, Designing campuses for a technical college, and delivering workplace training in Pacific island countries are some of key projects which have been undertaken.

Australian Catholic University, one of the fastest growing universities in Australia, is another partner institution, sharing its expertise and best practices in Australian education, particularly in the field of problem-based legal education.