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About Us


International Education Enabler

CARELINK ASIA supports internationalization.

As it promotes international education, develops linkages and partnerships between students, faculty and administrators, Philippine, Australian, and New Zealand institutions, CARELINK ASIA participates in the development of inter-cultural learning environments which build the capabilities that enable the student to work and operate on a global stage and make a  remarkable future  for himself anywhere in the world.

Training Provider

CARELINK ASIA provides education and training for skills development in the areas of Healthcare: caregiver training for international application; Food and Beverage Services; Emergency Management; Personality Development; Communication and English Proficiency; English Test Preparation:  IELTS, PTE; Art, Film, Insurance, and Law.

These are customized and available on arrangement and schedule.


CARELINK ASIA believes that education is the secret ingredient to a remarkable future.

At CARELINK ASIA we aspire

To put education within everyone’s grasp

And build people’s capabilities to create a world of possibilities.

To teach, lead, equip, and empower.

To form confident men and women who are committed, compassionate and competent,

Able to make a   RemarkableFuture   anywhere in the world.



To provide and education and training inside the Philippines or outside in international institutions

And elevate work, career, and professions to international levels of excellence.